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  • Niza Lesperance

    Autumn has always been my favourite season! I love the weather, the fashion, the beauty of the falling leaves, the seasonal foods, even how everything smells. It also is a season that signifies new beginnings to me (as opposed to spring) because of all those first day's of school <3

  • Bill Golden

    I love how this Autumn scene surrounds you! It would be neat to walk this road sometime.

  • Diane Menneke

    Red leaves on a roadway though a park in autumn.

  • Yvette Zavala

    Autumn leaves

  • Claudia

    Autumn #fall

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Someday, I'm going to live in a quaint little city up north where the leaves change every fall, and I'm going to find a coffee shop, buy a cup of hot chocolate, and walk through streets like this.

Autumn in Portland, Oregon. (1964 Studebaker Lark in photo).

I am OBSESSED with fall.. Everything from the clothes to weather and all the amazing colours.

This is on my bucket list.... To drive down an old country road in the fall and have someone take a picture behind you so you can see all the leaves flying up... I know I'm weird!! Lol

autumn in paris presented by north carolina interior designer kathryn greeley

༺♥༻ everybody loves autumn ༺♥༻

4. Closer to the end of the poem, it describes the grass is fading and leaves begin to fall. This gives you a better idea of the fall scene they are describing.

Death is a beautiful thing, it means there is room for growth (this is in reference of seasons changing such as Fall. Transition requires death.)

Move over, summer, autumn is here now [explored] by join the dots (Matt Clark), via Flickr

God, I love Fall. Need some framed pictures on my wall with photos like this. "Blazing red"