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Sea Recovery Water Maker - Aquamatic Model 700-1

Beautiful view of an aircraft carrier

Sea Recovery Mini 350 Watermaker Current Bid: $2,500.00

Shipwreck Found in Search for Missing Flight MH370 is Actually Pretty Good News


Bjork - Vulnicura [Vinyl New]

Sea Recovery Mini 350 Watermaker - Only 25 Hrs Used

Deep Submergence Vessel NR-1 was a unique United States Navy nuclear-powered ocean engineering and research submarine. NR-1's missions included search, object recovery, geological survey, oceanographic research, and installation and maintenance of underwater equipment. NR-1's unique capability to remain at one site and completely map or search an area with a high degree of accuracy was a valuable asset on several occasions.

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Civil War Shipwreck: Photos of the USS Monitor

Monitor Artifacts Credit: U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph, Courtesy of Library of Congress Lantern recovered from the ship's wreck site in August 1979. It was photographed soon after recovery, before conservation work had begun.

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Dive Gear Maintenance Made Easy

Dive Gear Maintenance Made Easy | Scuba Diving

The Megalodon Rebreather is a technologically advanced CCR and the favorite product of many divers. The Innerspace Systems Corporation (ISC) has designed and manufactured this product to be an electronics-driven closed-circuit constant rebreather (eCCR), and it is remarkable with extremely durable qualities. - See more at:

Russian submarine Kursk after being recovered after it blew up during exercises in 1994. The Russians have always failed to build decent ships and this was no exception. Volatile fuel leaked from a torpedo and exploded when it came in contact with salt water. The ship sank in 354 feet of water. 23 men survived but the Russians waited too long to get help from the Dutch and US, which were nearby and the men all died of asphyxiation or exposure. The Dutch raised the sub after cutting off the…