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10 MATH MYSTERY PICTURES Depending on the picture students have to solve a page of mental math problems and then color in the numbers on a hundred...

15 MATH MYSTERY PICTURES Depending on the picture students have to solve a page or two of math problems and then color in the numbers on a multipli...

MATH MYSTERY PICTURES BUNDLE PACK Depending on the picture students solve a page or two of math problems and then color in the numbers on a hundred...

Common Core Solving Math Problem Strategy Posters for the Classroom - make into an anchor chart

Addition to 10 word problems worksheets to help kids see the problems in a variety of ways (drawing a picture, making a ten frame, and writing a number sentence)

This poster aligns the words kids see in word problems with the Math operations they represent. It has helped my students translate word problems into equations that are easily solved.

Have students uncover the hidden mystery picture once they have solved a sheet or two of multiplication facts. Some problems have an order of oper...

word problems

These 24 differentiated Math Talk Cars contain questions and sentence starters to help your students practice communicating their ideas about problem solving. This is a great tool to encourage students to use in a mini lesson, partner time, or during math stations.

It's finally here! Set 2 of the best selling open ended math challenge series! Whether you use for whole class problem solving, enrichment, cooperative learning, or for a student needing something more, these 3 problems are high interest and challenging. Each problem also has an enrichment component! $4.50

Ten-Frames Matching Games - Numbers 0-10 and 10-20

Bar models are a crucial component in the Singapore math pedagogy. They provide a pictorial representation of the part-part-whole concept of large numbers and provide students with a strategy to solve multi- digit addition and subtraction problems, including real-world problems. The task cards included in this product are in alignment with CCSS 2.NBT.7 There are 24 task cards that present a bar model and instruct students to write a real-world math problem based on the model. $3....

This is a set of 10 mystery pictures on a 120 chart that are aligned to the common core standards. They range from Kindergarten to 2nd grade standa...

Nice anchor chart for problem solving strategies in math.

Get ready for some holiday fun with my Parts of Speech Mystery Pictures DECEMBER SET #1. Finally, mystery pictures for the older kids. Each of the four pictures includes a mix of different parts of speech practice (Nouns and Verbs) and the words on each page are related to the mystery picture. These pages make great practice pages, center activities and/or homework assignments. ($)

Sight Word Owl Mystery Picture

Number Sense FREEBIE!! Using the number in the center (chosen by you or the student), the student writes down 10 different ways to show that number (base 10 blocks, addition sentence, dots, tally marks, number words, multiplication, pictures, etc.)

Math Buddy Chat Freebie from Laura Candler - Aligned with Common Core Math Practices - Step-by-step problem solving method for partners

QR codes are all the rage, and they will have your students wanting to do all sorts of math problems! Each title contains 12 self-checking center/task QR code cards, one recording sheet, and one 10-problem worksheet on money, telling time, and 2-digit subtraction and addition.

2nd Grade DIFFERENTIATED Problem Solving Math Journal - ALL CCSS BUNDLE (every standard has at least 8 rigorous tasks) $

Base 10 Common Core Math Activity