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With a fresh coat of bright green paint, fun fabrics, and a plan to declutter, this laundry room was transformed into a cheerful space:

This room is gorgeous sans furniture! Add the big comfy bed? Priceless! the large windows help to brighten the space-but I'm worried about the nighttime. Would it be too dark? I'd love to see two little chairs and a cute end table rather than the couch-but none-the-less this room is beautiful.

If this had a "sucks" under the laundry sign, it would be perfect… Adorable laundry room.

This looks manageable and pretty inexpensive. I could do this for sure. Now if I can just get my husband to agree:)

Going to keep this in mind for my laundry is realistic for my space

when I looked at the small door, in the far back of this wonderful room I immediately got butterflies. Wonder what is on the other side?

What a cool idea. This would be cool in a baby's room!

great kids bedroom in the attic, smalll space but love the angled wall..

I so need to do one of these!!! I have a Denise the Menace with pockets full of stuff, lol. This is so cute for the laundry room! (and SO practical!!)

A great birthday gift for little boys. Kid's love to climb on things, so for their birthday, why not give them a gift that is more exciting than they could have ever imagined! ... {Coolest Mom Ever!}