I usually hate armband tattoos, but this one is great. Reminds me of the artist Yellena James.

waves arm sleeve tattoo

flower arm tattoo

Lace arm band tattoo

graphic arm tattoos

arm tattoos and leather pouch belt

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Stag on forearm. I do not know the artist.

75 Graphically Gorgeous Geometric Tattoos

arm tattoos

Shapes and lines, occult tattoo

if i were ever to get a sleeve tattoo this would be similar to what i would get! its so cool!

tattoos by xoïl

thehistoryofsilence: Drew’s mountain range is really comin’ along. I’m particularly proud of this piece so far. New needles, different inks, new machines, new techniques, all within the past two or three months. by bones! on Flickr.

Arm band tattoo

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Lace tattoo around the arm