I usually hate armband tattoos, but this one is great. Reminds me of the artist Yellena James.

Drew’s mountain range is really comin’ along. I’m particularly proud of this piece so far.


graphic arm tattoos

I would love to get this as an arm band.

Dots To Lines Tattoos

Topographical line art tattoo by Kostek at La Boucherie Moderne Tattoo in | http://awesometattoopics.lemoncoin.org

Lush tattoo pattern. #ink #tattoos #tattoo #sleeve #arm #forearm really like geometric designs on guys... and this is pointillism!

Lace tattoo around the arm

Leaf skeleton tattoo...nice :D

#tattoo #flower #arm

waves arm sleeve tattoo

I love the natural look of these tattoos. Kind of like it's out of an old field guide.


arm tattoos and leather pouch belt

Arm Tattoo

With My Arms Outstretched

Another tree, because I just really think I tree would be cool on my forearm

60 Awesome Arm Tattoo Designs | Cuded