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Of course you do

Funny Breakup Ecard: Sometimes I wonder if I ever cross your mind, then I laugh at myself for even wondering if I do. of course I do, I'm the shit.


Mi recopilación de los mejores reshouts parte 4

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Why men are assholes

Funny Reminders Ecard: I swear some men were conceived through anal sex. There is no way being that much of an asshole is natural.

"Don't Stop Believing" by Journey (or the cover from Glee if you were born yesterday)

21 Things That Are Socially Unacceptable To Admit You Secretly Don't Like

Free and Funny News Ecard: I stopped believing for a little while this morning. Journey is gonna be so pissed.

Suga daddy

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: Kinda tired of having a 'job' and having to 'go to work' and 'pay bills'. Now accepting applications for a sugar daddy.

Religion is like a penis

Free and Funny News Ecard: Religion is like a penis, it's fine to have one and be proud of it, but when you take it out and wave it in my face, that's when we have a problem.

I would get punched a lot if people could read my mind

Some say your opinion does not count, well time for a stunner.