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    Ousmane Sembène

    11. Nyasha writes Tambu many letters but Tambu never responds because she is so deep into her studies.

    Elenora M. J. Dudley

    late 1890s/1900s? date anyone?

    beautiful + a pet deer

    7. Tambu starts to admire white people who live and work at the mission.

    10. The nuns come to the mission to bring girls to Sacred Heart and Tambu wants to go. Nyasha believes they will brainwash her and Baba refuses to let her go.

    7. Tambu becomes really good friends with Nyaradzo. Who is the daughter of a white missionary.

    The most photographed African-American model of the Fifties & Sixties: Helen Williams.

    Ladybird Cleveland, an artist and the mother of legendary model Pat Cleveland. Photo by Carl Van Vechten.

    2. Tambu's brother was embarrassed of his family when he came home from the mission. He was embarrassed of their lifestyle because he was so used to the luxurious one back at school.

    5. Tambu soon figures out that her cousin is not liked by her classmates.

    This is a found photograph, purchased online as part of a lot. The donor estimates the photo was taken in the 1930s. Submitted by Jude Bond (Burlington, VT).

    Nellie Castro Tafoya stands for a portrait, ca. 1937. Credit: Los Angeles Public Library

    5. Tambu wants to become a more groomed and proper girl. Does not want to be seen as a peasant.


    Florence Yamaguchi (left), and Kinu Hirashima, both from Los Angeles, are pictured as they stand under an apple tree at Manzanar internment camp. (Their hairdos are amazing - especially Hirashima’s bangs!) Credit: National Archives Registry

    This family, also wearing their Sunday Best, is returning home from a funeral service at a nearby church in Greene County, Georgia (1941). From the Black History Album.

    2. Tambu wants an education she is willing to grow and take care of the corn just to pay for the fees of an education.

    3. Umtali is Rhodesia's third largest town. Only the capital which is Salisbury and Bulawayo are larger.

    3. Her dad and brother were to meet Babamukuru at the airport and bring him back. Her dad did not like him very much.