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Dust- Eli Young Band. Come see it live at the 2014 Oregon Jamboree! #eliyoungband #oregonjamboree2014

Some days are just meant for pjs. Enjoy them and don't spend a second feeling guilty about it. Story of my life!

Kayla and Clint engagement photo, counting down, 1 week from today. November 30, 2012 is coming soon.

Absolutely I am from the south and I love my southern boys all those Yankees in Colorado lol yeah I am good nothing beats southern charm

If You Take Me Fishin', Huntin', Or Muddin', You'll Already Have My Heart. Cowboy Boots Hats Are A Plus. #CountryBoy #CountryLife #CountryGirl

.Always was in my soul essence...even when I lived in the city...back home our country life.