my favorite girls ever <3 <3 <3

Wished I would have used purple in my wedding especially this color love these flowers

Every Girl Deserves This Reaction.


Flower Girl

Lovely pink flowers.

only once in your lifetime do you get to see that pretty title on your Starbucks cup someone better get me one while im getting my hair and makeup done!!!!

bride wars

bridesmaid dresses, sequin bridesmaid dresses

Now this girl is a bride with her OWN style! Love the gorgeous dress with the laid back turquoise and cowgirl boots. FUN!

Him under your veil. So cute :)

love the hair with the veil in the back



most moving marriage proposal you'll ever watch..omg ; (

Super cute bridesmaid skirts instead of dresses. Each girl picks out their own blouse. These actually can be worn again! And much less expensive!

love the bridesmaid dresses

wedding dress

Smart... take a Thank You card photo on the day of your wedding!

I love love love this