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Anyone's resolution have them moving more? Try this, no gym required.

exercise ideas for when I don't want to leave the house

Gym clothes that will actually make you want to work out

As requested by 35-24-35, a full cardio workout you can do without leaving the room! For max results, keep marching during water breaks.

Here’s an intense cardio workout you can do at home! When you reach the end, see how many burpees you can do. (And if you’d like, keep track of how many you can do each time. Watch as the number goes up. :) )

Cardio between sets! That's me! Never a dull moment and always getting that blood flowing!

Back On Pointe » annie12358: made timers for each workout :) ...Week 1

This does require weights for some of the exercises. If you can't make it to the gym, use that gallon of water you're drinking everyday as a weight!

Train Like A Slayer: Cardio (I'm pretty sure this could kill me, and I will prob never do it but here it is just to give me encouragement that someone out there can do these lol---tori)

I upped all the numbers and repeated twice... great at-home workout. felt SO tired after.

Challenging cardio workout that will make you sweat but won't kill ya! Get your workout on, ladies!!! | Fantasmo