Ignore the product...you MUST go to the website (Amazon) and read the customer reviews...they are hysterical!!

OMG. So bad but so funny.

"48 Things That Will Make You Feel Old." Some of these are really funny haha....oh man this is CRAZY!!!

"late" #tattoo #sticker

How much FUN would it be to race around the neighborhood like THAT?

when the word banana becomes too hard to remember

seriously people


Paranoid genius.


Gelling Joke

The reviews are simply hilarious. MUST READ.

Vamp up your accessories collection this spring with an eye catching bracelet from Modestly!

Laughed so hard at the product reviews I had tears streaming down my face.

hahaha! everytime i feel guilty for eating ice cream i'm going to reread this. I love nigella!

Laughing so hard at this. All females must watch.


Phone fun ...

"Don't let them charge us!" Lmao this is hysterical

Retail Robin - Customer: "It's 8:58-what time Do you close?" Me: 9 CusTomer: oh good I still have time

seriously people!