Pick a silhouette. Cut magazine strips. I love this!!!

DIY sheet music letter. Joanne's cardboard letter, paint and modge podge sheet music

tightly rolled-up magazine pages glued onto canvas = very cool image pattern making

Melt crayons through glue gun instead of with a hair dryer.

Birds - Glass Art...now I have an idea what to do with my scraps. :)

How to Make Cold Porcelain Clay -

Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt. Really want to do this on a canvas!

stick silhouette.

DIY scales art- tutorial by Kersey at Ardor here: http://www.momtastic.com/diy/172685-diy-scales-paint-chip-art

roll magazine strips and hot glue/mod podge them together

Take a picture and print it off in four different colors. Cut up and modge podge on to glass tiles. Then frame. Easy. Artsy.

Paper vase

so many things to do with old magazines!!!

Modge Podge

Always wanted to do this after seeing princess diaries!

Painting on a wine bottle visual tutorial. I don't have the patience, but it sure is beautiful! http://szinesotletek.blog.hu/2013/10/17/borosuvegek_festese_gyonyoru_mintakkal DIY-Spot-Painting-Wine-Bottle.jpg #winebottle #paintingonglass #paintingonbottle #glasspaint #dotpainting

14 Awesome PVC Projects for the Home • Lots of great Ideas and Tutorials!

Love. Painting project. I dont think I can screw this up.

Home Is Wherever I Am With You - Map Background Instead of Flowers

Fun Toddler Art on Canvas- would be good for art auction with young kids. Each do individual canvas.