Fascinating! "Those annoying stickers on fruits and veggies tell you a lot! Four numbers mean they were conventionally grown, five numbers starting with number 8 means they are genetically modified (GMO), and five numbers starting with 9 means they were organically grown (no pesticides or GMOs)."

19 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know | #buzzfeed | I knew some of these already, but the maps one and the thumb keyboard are awesome!

27 Pictures That Will Change The Way You Eat Food. Also, peeling bananas from the opposite end = Ultimate life hack.

How to clean pesticides off fruits and vegetables

If a thief forces you to take money from an ATM for them, do not argue or resist. What you should do is enter your pin in reverse. EX: if your pin is 1234, you should enter 4321. The moment you enter the reverse pin, the money will come out but will be stuck in the machine and the machine will immediately alert the police without the theif's knowledge. Every ATM has this feature. Can't believe I never knew this!!

The Magic Corn Trick ~ The corn will just slide out leaving the silk and all of the husks intact.

18 Awesome Body Tricks - supersonic hearing, stopping the tickle in your throat..

This is a guide about preventing mold on bread. It isn't any fun to be making a sandwich and discover that your bread is moldy. There are a number of ways to prevent your bread from molding.

A Pinner said: one of the most useful things I learned in culinary school was how to cut melon... I started cutting my watermelon this way and no longer dread it!

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Clean eating Crock Pot Freezer Meals - prepare 34 meals in one day for 150 dollars (all healthy stuff too) includes shopping list! Pin now, read later. .....YEEESSS!!!!!

I wish I had thought of this. It would have saved me a lot of time patching holes.

Good to know!

make a list of low to no sugar/carbs that you can eat after 8 PM, and put it on your fridge.

Who knew???

Grocery Store Secrets

Home-made Extracts....learn to make your own and never buy lower quality, more expensive extracts again..

These are Vietnamese pickled veg. for topping sandwiches or just munching... too good!

5 Weight Loss Smoothies for BreakfastPositiveMed | Positive Vibrations in Health

Try adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to every 8 oz. glass of water you drink throughout the day. If you maintain the daily intake of 64oz. of water, you will start to see the pounds shed fast! Detoxification: If you are looking for a healthy detox, look no further than apple cider vinegar. Hmmm