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nail polish + recycled lightbulbs = fun and fabulous. I loved this idea for decorating the yard for a Christmas in July party. You could also use glass paint for these which would be cheaper and faster than the nail polish. Too much fun!


25 Ideas para convertir una antigua máquina de coser en un encantador mueble vintage.

old sewing machine cabinet made into a vanity. Love this! I could never destroy an intact machine, but if the machine part wasn't salvageable... :)

My dad showed me how to do this & I wear mine with my wedding band. It's cool, because the wording on the edge of the coin ends up in the middle of the ring! Do you have a quarter from 1964 or before? If you do, it is made of silver. You can turn that coin into a nice silver band using a spoon, a drill, and a metal file. (And no, it's not illegal.)

Bolso reutilizando un jersey
from Muy Ingenioso

Bolso reutilizando un jersey

Cute purse out of an old sweater! ,Interlined with a white felt sort of stuff and then fabric lined. Note the fabric links to the handles. Not sure about how sturdy this is. But actually this could be quilt a small purse rather than a bag.


Making A Microwave Heat Bag

Heating pad Filling (Rice/Wheat/Feed corn/Buckwheat hulls/Barley/Oatmeal/Beans/Flax seed/Cherry pits) 100% cotton material (Fabric cannot melt when heated) *pic doesn't match link due to *spam* with original link

Glass Fabric/Paper Magnets: Mod Podge flat side of glass disk, press gently onto fabric or scrapbook paper, let dry, trace around disk and cut just inside the line, MP the outside surface of the fabric/paper, let dry, glue magnet on.