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i would just like to point out that this is an anchor... made of iron/steel, VERY heavy, MADE TO SINK, and stay ANCHORED in the ocean.... soooo is the anchor is useless in your endeavor to refuse to sink.

i like this - but i'm also thinking of "i will go down with the ship" - meaning i'll stick it out no matter what . . .

I refuse to sink. My first tattoo !!!! ♥

my new tattoo "I refuse to sink" in honor of my daddy going under my butterfly

Oh, you refuse to sink? Guess what that anchor next to your words does. This idea gets under my skin so bad!

Refuse to sink. Small but meaningful. Would definately get this!

I feel like when I get a tattoo, I want it to be meaningful. Most people get anchors just cause its nautical and in style. But I want a small anchor on my ankle because I refuse to let people's words effect me. And I have hope.

Refuse to sink foot tattoo. Definitely getting this with the date of Hurricane Sandy. Nothing can kill Jersey Pride.

I refuse to sink My beautiful tattoo done by my uncle, Champion Grubbs, at guru tattoo in San Diego

James Jean tattoo - i adore this painting - & as a tattoo, ooooh! its love.