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Jade container with a lid, handles and dragons. Chinese writings on the body and lid. Western Zhou. 500 BC 12 "× 9"

Victoria and Albert Museum, Londres Sept siècles après la fin de la première dynastie Jin, une deuxième dynastie Jin (Jīn Cháo : "dynastie d'or") a dirigé la Chine du Nord. Elle a été fondée en 1115 par Taizu, du peuple mandchou des Jurchen et a pris...

Sakura Fubuki - Shower of Cherry Blossoms (1940) “This is a Japanese Woodblock print postcard from around the 1940s, showing the back view of a Maiko girl (Apprentice Geisha) with the Ware-shinobu hairstyle, which is worn by junior Maiko during their initial period of training.”(source)

Antique Chinese Jade Dragon Carving with Stand

Chinese Painting by Lou Dahua P080015. Chinese Painting of Two Brown and Blue Birds.

China - Covered Ritual Wine Vessel (You) with Decoration of Confronting Birds - Zhou dynasty, Western Zhou period, c. 11th century BC-771 BC - Cast bronze with blackish patina; with a dedication by Lady Geng Ying inscribed on both the vessel floor and lid interior

Eastern Zhou Period Chinese Bronze Elliptical Vessel with Lid (Ding) with Gold Sheet and Glass Inlay Bronze, gold sheet, glass, 4th century B.C.E.

Jade Dragon Pendant 2nd Century BC Western Han Dynasty

Ritual wine container (hu) 8th century B.C.E. Eastern Zhou dynasty Spring and Autumn Period Bronze; cast H: 41.0 W: 28.5 D: 29.5 cm China S1987.49 Chinese Art | Ritual wine container (

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Helmet covered in heavy gold florets with star top, visor front, Jade pearls. From the Zhou Dynasty, Emperor Wu Wang tomb complex at Laoyang, circa 1020 BC, which contained helmets and weapons of Jade honoring his defeat of the Shang Dynasty in 1027 BC, founding the Zhou Dynasty. Covered in brown patina, circa1027-771 BC.

Asian art The Mandolin, Alex Gross

Ruud van Empel

Lidded ritual wine container (zun) in the form of a bird ca. 5th century B.C.E. Middle Eastern Zhou dynasty Bronze with gold inlay H: 26.5 W: 13.5 D: 20.0 cm China

Jomon goddess figure (Japan's Jomon era: 14,000 BC to about 300 BC)

The Zhou Zha Hu: An important ritual bronze wine vessel, Middle Western Zhou Dynasty, 10th - 9th century BC

China Wine Vessel (Hu), Western Zhou dynasty (c. 1050–771 B.C.), late 9th/early 8th century B.C. #

Lekythos in the form of a sphinx, late 5th century BC, vessel to hold perfume (via Lucy Raubertas)

Ceremonial wine vessel with cover (yu). Chinese, Western Zhou dynasty, 12th–11th century B.C.