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  • Kimberly Borchardt

    Jade container with a lid, griffin handles and dragons. Chinese writings on the body and lid. Western Zhou. 500 BC 12 "× 9"

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Chinese Carved Celadon Jade Lidded Vase

Ancestor tablet. Chinese Western Zhou dynasty, 11th century B.C.E. (from Freer-Sackler Smithsonian Museum of Asian Art)

Chinese Carved Green Jade Lidded Vase & Wood Stand

Handle-shaped ornament, Western Zhou dynasty (ca. 1046–771 b.c.), 10th–9th century b.c. China. Jade (nephrite), Metropolitan Museum of Art

Bronze Cowrie Container. A leaping tiger (between the two oxen, only its forepaws are visible in this photo) menaces two oxen on the lid, while two more tigers climb up the sides of the container. A flying bird and two monkeys in a tree observe the scene. Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - 25 AD) Yunnan Provincial Museum, Kunming

JP: Chinese Old White Jade Carved Phoenix Vase w Lid

Jade Configuration of Dragon, Bird, and Snake, 4th cent. BC - 3rd cent. BC Ornament Chinese , 4th-3rd century BC Zhou dynasty, Warring States period, 475-221 BC Creation Place: China

You, Early Western Zhou, 11th century BC. Shanghai Museum

An Archaic Bronze Taotie Mask, early Western Zhou Dynasty, 10th-9th  c. BC

A CHOICE PHOENICIAN 'BIL-BIL', ca. 1200-900 BC. The classic Phoenician vessel with spherical body on everted ring base with high neck with everted rim, a single strap handle looping gracefully from the shoulder to the neck, the body ornamented with curving ridges.

jade pendants in the form of stags western zhou dynasty 950 bc