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List of chores by age and how to SIMPLY organize them w/o a chore chart. (easy for kids & parents)... note cards in a basket that they pick from. One a day in addition to daily responsibilities, 2 on weekends, more for punishments.

Age Appropriate Chores for Children by jacarandatreemontessorio #Kids #Chores

Want to get your kids involved and not sure where to start?Check out this age appropriate printable for ideas from age 2 to 14. Via Happy Housewife

Kids chore idea - age-appropriate chores list for all ages

Age-appropriate chores for kids. Wow this just makes me realize how little kids actually do these days. An hour of physical anything? Go outside & play? HAHAHAHAHA not many kids I know.

If you have NO idea what your kids are capable of doing, here is a few ideas for you, listed by age. {Sources:  Me, Cozi morning routine, and Simple Organized book}.

Nice post about teaching kids to do their fair share ... as parents, we want to raise mature, responsible, well-rounded adults

age appropriate chores for children | Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids - Free Printable! - A Mom's Take