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Great ideas for age-appropriate chores for kids. AND ideas for reward systems (or why you might not want to use one at all). Love these ideas!

The Idea Roomfrom The Idea Room

Reward Points System and Home "Store"

"Family Store"... kids earn points at home for doing chores/good behavior and then turn in their points for items in the "family store" once a week. Ideas for items in the "store" could be things already around the house like, special snacks, stickers, drinks, notebooks, post-its, dollar store stuff. Use different color stickers to represent the "point value" of each item (point value key posted on side of box).

AWESOME and SIMPLE discipline system for young kids! Country Charm: Our Discipline System

A Mom's Takefrom A Mom's Take

Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids Printable

age appropriate chores for children | Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids - Free Printable! - A Mom's Take

children's chores Source:

Together With Familyfrom Together With Family

Chore List for All Ages (Free Printable

Chore List for all ages (Free Printable)

Clean Mamafrom Clean Mama

Simple Chore and Reward System Your Kids Will Love + Free Printables

Need a little structure to kick off summer? Simple Chore Chart and Reward System Your Kids Will Love via Clean Mama

Frugal Fun For Boysfrom Frugal Fun For Boys

Chores for Kids: A Guide to Cleaning with Kids by Room and Age

Chores for Kids: A Guide to Cleaning with Kids by Room and Age. Cleaning schedule too.. I'm using this to get my son & myself on a better team~efforted cleaning schedule! Love it.

Jorniefrom Jornie

Reward Systems for Kids

pinning this NOT for the reward system for kids but for the idea of artwork behind the text! i love the brushstroke art idea...

After the kiddos are done their regular chores they can pick a "work for hire" job to get money. Now that is a clever idea, the very sight of real money hanging before their eyes just might do a better job than the nagging does.

My Life and Kidsfrom My Life and Kids

5 Simple Chores for Kids - That will Actually Help you

Five simple chores for kids that will actually help you a ton! My floors have never been cleaner - and the laundry tip changed our lives!

DIY chore chart using $1 pans- tutorial and list of chores for kids

Your Modern Familyfrom Your Modern Family

Age Appropriate Chores ages 2-7

List of chores by age and how to SIMPLY organize them w/o a chore chart. (easy for kids & parents)... note cards in a basket that they pick from. One a day in addition to daily responsibilities, 2 on weekends, more for punishments.