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Polka-Dotted Trinket Dishes

Welcome to Positively Splendid! If you are new here, I invite you to subscribe to the RSS feed to ensure you never miss a post.Each year, it seems like the advent of spring brings plenty of gift-giving opportunities! With Mothers’ Day, graduations, weddings and more, I am always looking for easy han...
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DIY Gold Polka Dot Hat Boxes on - Simple painted paper mache hat boxes, polka dots made by stenciling the dots with gold stencil creme

Used a shot glass, white on the inside and black polka dots to create a glass to store q-tips in on the bathroom counter.

DIY Polka Dot Tea cup or you could do it on pretty much any glass item that will fit in the oven

Cute VERY easy way to etch polka dots would be cute to put etching around the sticker so it would look like rings all over

Snowman terracotta pot candy directions on how to Make this, but i think you could paint the candy cane part and mod podge a christmas picture onto it

Stripes and Polka Dots, simple trees