These Easter morning sticky buns bake up with an empty center--just like the empty tomb!

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Brioche Buns - You may ask how are brioche buns different from plain dinner rolls? The answer is simple: the dough is richer. It has sugar, eggs and butter and it all creates the best buns you ever had. They are fluffy yet the tops are slightly crunchy. They are strong enough to be stuffed with a hamburger patty or simply smothered with butter and jam. Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. @lavernepjones

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Easter Treat: Resurrection Rolls So why are they called Resurrection Rolls? Well, you use a marshmallow for the recipe, but when the sweet rolls bake up, the marshmallow disappears, so the “tomb” is found empty. We had an interesting discussion about it last night, and this morning my sweet four (almost-five-tomorrow!) year old asked ~ “Momma, Why did Jesus have to die on that cross?”

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Give these easy mini-cheesecakes an Easter twist by topping them with candy-coated chocolate -- it's your one chance this year to use puns like, "Eggs-cellent!"