Great information for anyone wanting to try out raised-bed gardening. Tips for building, budgeting, planting and more!

Raised Garden Beds

when to plant

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raised garden bed on a narrow side yard - good use of space for shade loving plants

How to Build a 16sqft Raised Garden Bed for Less Than $20. These simple to build #raised #garden #beds are perfect for people wanting to build up their garden for cheap.

How to fence raised garden beds

Plant a compact vegetable garden. This is perfect when you don't have a lot of space. #garden #coolideas #diy

Great advice for raised bed gardening... suggestion: beds should be horizontally facing south for equal opportunities of plants access to the sun's rays.

Square Foot Gardening

I should do this to my raised gardens...wait do you weed, weed gardens? Haha next year!

Raised garden beds

mini greenhouse raised beds

Enter your zip code and this calendar will tell you what to plant and when to plant it, week-by-week.

If you have a raised bed garden, here's an "add-on" you can build to keep most pests from munching on your plants. You're basically building a "lid" that fits on top and inside your existing raised...

Raised Beds

Great raised bed layout.

Building soil for raised beds

Advantages for a raised garden, including full directions on building your own.

Raised Garden Planters.