My house one day. Hopefully!



says it "adorably" ;)

wait for me! #DoxieDarlin' #Dachshund

I hope that statement is true :)

You are in my house...

I would always wrap our dogs gifts up for him to tear up...yes even our dog gets to open presents Christmas morning haha. I did this for Toby this year!!! Hope he likes hes fratty new leash and toys!

Dog house

This photo didn't turn out so i turned it into something nice. The quote i found pretty much sums things up for me! Hope you guys like it. - Imgur

A home without a dog is just a house.

My house belongs to her too! I love my Dachshund

I WANT HIM! what a cute dog !


Dachshund Gift Tags!

snowy face

Daddy's home!

Dachshund.. (by Håkan Dahlström on Flickr)

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Story Time by ayeshamus #Photography #Dogs

It wasn't my fault I swear! There was this cat and I chased it away for you. Please don't yell at's just a little mud. Did I mention how much I love you?