Listen up, my children...

Being a Parent First

Good reminder

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Things My Mom Taught Me

Mom’s “Rules for Dating My Son” Are as Bad as Dad’s “Rules for Dating My Daughter” — The Good Men Project

To my children



“Mother of Four” Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace | One Adult & Four Children | “Mother of Four" One Adult & Four Children. Families come in all shapes and sizes. Ornata specializes in creating beautiful sterling silver jewelry that celebrates the unique constellations of family for the women who hold them dear. This design features one large and four small sterling silver interlocking rings, symbolizing wholeness and love without end.

for the girls

::do not handicap your children by making their lives easy::

love my children <3

Mommy Musings: Motherhood Is Not A Hobby. #quote

Motherhood <3 Moms

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A daughter

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This is what I want my kids to know. There are people that do not have this from their parents.