going to be my family lol

Daddy and his little girl.



AWW!!!!!!!!!! baby mooses!

Military families

This is adorable!! Baby Shower Cake!!

Sleepy little nugget.

Such an adorable parasite

Military baby pictures

Sarah Marie - What a wonderful quote! Thank you to all the men and women who put themselves in harms way for the benefit of us all, at such a tremendous sacrifice as leaving behind those you love and depend on you! If you agree - share this over and over again!

"Military baby so stinking cute"---I agree! saving to faves :)


Father and son #SemperFi USMC

Ahh so cute! I want a picture like this!

wash on the line

praying--for our military that are away from their family this holiday season.

Grandma's personal hero

Enjoy the tears everyone

Military photography

First meeting