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la madre dolorosa the mother weeps for us, lost in the violence and greed of our time

Funeral by just wonderful...her use of color and overlapping are great!

How I wish i felt.... Heart feels....weird lately.. like there's a tornado going on in some force pulling me in two directions..1.5.12

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1096

I have been searching for this print! I remember it hanging in the jewelry store when I was a little girl...Bruno Amadio's - Crying Boy.

Hello Beautiful People I wish you peace and healing: Menyambut Komuni bersama Maria (Merenungkan Salam Maria)

hikari shimoda - Szukaj w Google

cry pearl cry

Jo Jo I'm so sorry that I made you feel that way. Honestly guys if I tease you or mess with you it means I like you and think your cool...I don't think your Unpatriotic or communist or the devil!!! :( :( I think it's awesome your open to other possible OTPS and girl it's alright to be innocent! Honestly not many people know what lemons are btw so like please don't be angry or upset....I'm really sorry Jo Jo :( your so funny and creative! I'm sorry again :(