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Temporary tattoos with attitude! Tattly is a temporary tattoo store for design-minded kids and kids-at-heart. After applying many bad-clip-art tattoos on her daughter, Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka swissmiss) decided to stop complaining and take matters into her own hands.

Meet Rochester, just one of the Toymail Company gang. Toymail is an interactive messenger toy co-created by the inventor of Clocky, Gauri Nanda. From the site: "Send a kid a message from your phone whether you are away on business or in line at the grocery store. The app, just as fun to use as the toys themselves, applies filters to make your voice sound funny. Just consider the possibility of singing to your toddler in the voice of the common raccoon."

I am not afraid to say that I have used puppets on occasion as a "motivational tool." Folkmanis Puppets offers a diverse array of puppets -- to be used on either the whole hand or just a finger -- "to encourage imaginative, open-ended play, endearing hugs, and snuggly companionship." I think that statement refers to kids of any age!