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This was my first episode, and my friend made sure I paid attention to this part, because it explains the show so well.

I watched a part of a doctor who episode with David Tennant as the doctor Omg so good I wish I ha netflicks or something

"Explore the Rings of Akhaten" Doctor Who travel poster by Eren Blanquet Unten ♥ (blog post here eblanquet.blogspo...)

Completely adorable Who pic. Borrowman has such a charismatic smile.

Doctor Who - Tenth Doctor Plush Doll Customizable

you're so supersonic by Angela-T on deviantART

Doctor Who Tattoo — I wouldn't get this, but as far as fan-toos go, this is pretty simple and could be much smaller to where nobody really knows what it is but the ultra-geeky \\

Doctor Who:  Tardis Purse So when I saw this I practically ran to the fabric store to make my own.  I’m in the middle of making one right now.  I’m hoping I can get it done by Wondercon (OMG next Sunday!!! ^_^).  I’m also going to use that wonderful Doctor Who fabric I posted earlier for the inside!