Polly Pocket!!!

polly pocket...definitely had this one!

Who wouldn't love short naked dudes with jewel belly buttons and wicked hair! Gotta love troll dolls!!

Polly Pocket's Parisian Apartment

My very first Polly pocket <3

Jelly shoes

Polly Pocket back in the 90s.... ha! Like one of the coolest toys ever invented! :)

Polly Pocket

I loved these!!

I wish they still made this kind of Polly Pocket. - awh i remember theses

Polly Pocket

Remember pretending to smoke with candy cigarettes? It would seem kinda weird to see this now.

I remember having a surprise puppy!!

Polly Pocket

ohemgee... Polly Pocket!!!

Beaded Coin Purses

Waterful Ring-Toss #Toys 80's

polly pocket toys. Omg I loved these so much!!!

so much fun!