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Chic pink & gray bedroom space! Cream ivory paint wall color. Pink & gray bedroom colors. Linen taupe brown gray window panels curtains drapes, French doors, silk roman shade, black ball lamp with ribbon roller shade, modern white nightstand, white accent

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People are using this like it's a desirable attribute in a "real man" to have him refuse to let a woman think and do things for herself. No thank you. A Real Man will encourage her to be everything she can be and to succeed at everything she attempts.

This is very important to me, especially with the possibility that women will be registered to draft. Personally, I am terrified that that may happen. And it's all our stupid fault, because women insisted on being treated the same as men. -T.W.

"And be alone for the rest of your life. I'm not saying you should put up with a total jackass, or that there's anything wrong with being alone, but let's be realistic. No one's perfect. Including you. Don't prolong the myth." - Well said!!!

This quote was the closest to how I really feel. The saying "actions speak loader than words" is so true in a relationship. You can say " I love you" and then get cheated on right after. Love is about expressing your love by giving, sharing and proving.

"I tell my daughter to run hard and fast toward God. When she looks to the right or left and sees a young man running beside her as hard and fast, that young man is worthy of her heart." - I don't who said this, but I really, really like it! LOVE THIS