Because instead of being rid of your filthy tampon forever when you flush the toilet (which you would do at some point anyway), you have to put them in water and change it every day like a fucking koi.

??? I....WTF!?

best toilet paper name EVER

One woman’s struggle to reuse her penis cake mould. I’m dyingggg.



Modern Toilet - funny pictures #funnypictures

I don't feel quite so bad now

Mommy's birthing tub...what fun.

Grief bacon. You don't understand how much love I have for this language hahaha

Tears are rolling down my face at photo #3. HILARIOUS.

Privacy anyone?!? bahahaha! Do ppl actually make this stuff???

The money shot. LMAOOOOO


The Walmart Game-- these are good! xD

consider it done.


Taco Bell is remodeling their bathrooms