• Lisa Yost

    Swan Lake Rehearsals, American Ballet

  • shoellerulrichm

    [ the hard , steady work of creating beauty : ballet dancers rehearse , 1936 ] alfred eisenstaedt ; time & life pictures / getty images " scene at the school of american ballet , new york , 1936 " #timelifepictures #gettyimages #alfredeisenstaedt

  • pupu Style

    Intermission at the American Ballet, New York City. Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt. http://images.artnet.com/artwork_images_424079904_231641_alfred-eisenstaedt.jpg

  • Vincent Blue

    The hard, steady work of creating beauty—a look back at Alfred Eisenstaedt's 1936 photos of The School of American Ballet students for LIFE magazine

  • Samantha Fowler

    Ballerinas Standing on Window Sill in Rehearsal Room, George Balanchines School of American Ballet Photographic Print by Alfred Eisenstaedt at Art.com

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THE S.S. NORMANDIE BURNS AND CAPSIZES IN NYC. On Feb 9, 1942 The S.S. Normandie caught fire and rolled over while moored at Pier 88 at W49 Street. Reportedly, sparks from a welding torch caused the blaze. I have heard other theories as to who was responsible, including the Nazis and Lucky Luciano.

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In 1901, the crossroads of 23rd Street, Fifth Avenue, and Broadway had not yet taken final form. The Flatiron Building was just beginning construction--which you can see from the big white fence wrapped around the site. The grand Heinz 57 ad on the side of the Cumberland Hotel was the first electric sign in the U.S., illuminated by 1,200 bulbs that used $90 of electricity a year. Within a year, both the sign and the Cumberland would be demolished.

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