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banana slicer $10

Pineapple Slicer. I need one of these... I wonder if it works

Love the thin snack slices that Dial-a-Slice Adjustable Apple Slicer creates.

Tomato Slicer: This cool tool quickly turns one tomato into nine perfect 1/4 thick slices in no time.

so handy

Strawberry slicer

This handy, dandy gadget is called a "Pluck" and it will suck up the yolk from your egg without breaking it, leaving just the white behind. You then can place the yolk in a separate bowl and use it for something else or simply throw it away. Cool huh?

Banana Slicer

Melon Slicer

Melon slicer

This Melon Slicer is as swift as an apple slicer, and just as easy to use! Sized for small melons like cantaloupes, mini watermelons and honeydew, this cutter turns out 12 uniform pieces with just a push.

Expandable oven rack - sur la table $9.99. I so need this for Thanksgiving!

I want one..heard abput it a few eeks ago and just keeps popping up. Check this out it's called the Yonana! It takes a banana and any other fresh fruit and turns it into ice cream with no extra sugar. - daycare has this & she loves her "ice cream"

Apple Slicer.

Strawberry Slicer

Fun Kitchen Gadgets

this is awesome!

cake slicer

Apples, Bananas and Pears OH MY! for-the-home

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Ravi Instant Wine Refresher - instantly chills white