Tomato Tree - Orlando, Florida

Tomato Tree at Epcot Center's "The Land" Exhibit

Indigo Rose tomatoes - currently growing these

plant an egg or two with your tomatoes

Tomato arbor.

Growing tomatoes “Italian grandfather style”—‘Sweet Cluster’ salad tomatoes trained to one leader and spiralled up a stake.

Sweeten your tomatoes by sprinkling baking soda on the soil around your tomato plants.

Growing Wiser in SEQ - 5 week old tomato plant from transplant...

Lemon Trees

orange tree

olive tree

Espalier pear tree

Homegrown: Easier than you think... 100 Days of Real Food suggest starting with tomatoes

Tree Bench

Growing Wiser in SEQ - The average plant life for these Tomatoes is around 9 months. Normally a tomato bush is about 1.2 metres tall, These tomato vines will finish off up to 14 metres. As the plant grows they will gently lay the vines down in the pathway and the tomatoes will continue to produce on the vine. The average plant will consume 15ml every hour to maintain this growth.

Save $$$ And Time ! The ultimate guide to growing amazing tomatoes!

Tips For Growing A Bumper Crop Of Tomatoes

Learn how to graft fruit trees so that you can have multiple varieties on the same tree! Or turn that old crabapple tree into a productive Macintosh tree!

When I lived on the island we had an awesome wisteria over our patio.. miss it gorgeous! this is a picture perfect wisteria tree

New House: Caring for Tomato Plants

2-liter bottle upside down tomato planter