So fun!

Computer Nerd present idea, can say whatever you want it too.

#DIY Floppy Disk Desk Patchwork // #Upcycle This! 10 Ways to Reuse Floppy Disks

What to do with a bunch of old floppy disks? I did this... -

floppy disk trash can - some great ideas here for Alex!

Interesting storage for all my books I don't have shelf space for!

UPCYCLED FLOPPY DISK PURSE / upcycle, repurpose, reuse, recycle idea --- LOL! Totally cool idea :) I want one! Just threw away all my leftover disks last month when I moved though :(

Yep…my family and I have a Nerdy side!  We love Doctor Who…Star Trek…Comics and tons of things in between.  Our philosophy is to embrace your inner nerd and have fun with it.  So we decided to collect some fun Nerdy DIY Projects that everyone can enjoy and then once a week we will showcase another collection of fun Nerd type DIY

What will you do with all those old floppy disks when you switch to online backups from Lock Your Data? How about a storage box?

What a SUPER COOL USE for stretched canvas!

Find a use for those old floppy discs!

painted frames

Loooooove love love love love! This would be so easy and fun to make

floppy cube

Come join the organization fun! All in pictures!

melted crayon art fun

These are super cute! This seems like something that would make a fun party decoration

Add some geek chic to your home with this DIY Rubik's cube tissue box cover as seen on 'The Big Bang Theory'!

Frame your floppy disks & make them into art

with floppy disks??

Recycling Floppy Disks -- My mom has a lot of these because she used to be a computer teacher! How fun!!