Morkie: Maltese and Yorkie...too cute!

Morkie (Maltese and Yorkie). My type of dog small && cute<3

WANT: maltipoo - maltese + poodle they stay little forever!!!


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"Morkie" - Maltise Yorkie

Fun Facts About the Morkie. So untrue over half of these aren't correct. My Morkie absolutely loves children as young as two!

Mini golden-doodle

Tear stains are common in dogs, especially smaller breeds like the Maltese and shih tzu. Tiny tear ducts are most likely to blame for the stains that accumulate underneath their eyes. If your pooches have tear stains, there are many ways to clean them and prevent new ones from forming.


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teacup yorkie

Morkie (Maltese X Yorkie)

Tiny Teacup Morkie Puppy. Have to have her one day!!!

Curious Little Shih-Tzu Puppy


5 Most Amazing Hybrid Breeds

Some days all you need is coffee and a little love from your Yorkie. This 15oz ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe for maximum durability, and easy cle

Morkie puppy :) these are so adorable and would love one some day