Banging BODY 3 Week Program

Total-Body Circuit Workouts: Strength Training Workout w/ Ab Emphasis, Strength Training Workout w/ Leg Emphasis, Abs Workout Plus Interval Workout

BodyRock's Summer Abs Workout   //   LUNGE BACK & PRESS UP: 50 reps   //   SUPER GIRL PLANK: 50 reps   //   SUMO SQUAT: 50 reps   //   REPTILE PLANK: 50 reps   //   JUMP LUNGE: 50 reps   //   SANTANA PLANK: 50 reps   //   JUMP FORWARD AND 2 JUMPS BACK: 50 reps   //   MINI SQUATS: 50 reps

Rolling Knee Tuck (one of the best ab exercises you can do! Works all parts of the core.) These are brutal.