Situated in Key West, Florida, this contemporary home with strong Moorish influences for Actress Veronica Webb is a tropical oasis transplanted from Morocco.

Royal Mansour, Vogue

Marrakech Express: 24 Hours, 4 Spas

Take a trip to Morocco and chances are you’ll find yourself basking in one of these interior courtyards. A way to bring a green space or even a pool area into the house, courtyards practically define Marrakech‘s traditional palaces called riads.


Swimming Pool: Liza Bruce's Moroccan Home Papyrus plants and rose geraniums surround a natural pool. Read more: Liza Bruce Decorates an Eclectic Home in Morocco - ELLE DECOR

IVHE home exchange: #0107: Morocco, MARRAKECH

A grand traditional Moroccan house/Riyad, authentically restored with courtyard swimming pool as well as magnificent views of the town and Atlas mountains


Gazebo with a fountain in the gardens of Bahia Palace (Bahia means brilliant), Marakesh, Morocco. It is a complex of ornately decorated reception rooms, apartments and gardens that was built by a grand vizier at the end of the century. Take some time

Grove Park Inn Spa Pool Waterfalls by moonfever0, via Flickr

Grove Park Inn Spa Pool Waterfalls by moonfever0, via Flickr

I would ordinarily not consider a beach pool or a walk-in pool but this one is quite stunning!

Residential beach entry tropical pool with rock waterfalls and palm trees by Advanced Pools, Rancho Cordova, CA. Via ~LadyLuxury~ - Luxury Abodes