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another cute baby outfit.. and i'm going to pretend like i don't even have a name picked out for a non existent baby boy Please 'Like', 'Repin' and 'Share'! Thanks :)

holiday....LOVE ***update*** i bought it (yay!) for a cute brother/sister pic.

OMG- how cute is this!?! MUST get baby boy this outfit....Baby Boy Clothing: "Maine: Lobster Roll" @ The Gap

I like this type of thing when they are like 6 mos and older. Before that they are so little it just doesn't look comfy for them. I am much more about comfort over fashion for the little guy. I have seen some kids that sure they look cool, but it sure doesn't look comfy. You CAN have both at times too. This just doesn't strike me as one of those times.but cute for special occasions.

Dominic got these from maimie. tiny toes in flip flops might be the cutest thing i've ever seen.

This is what Cheryl's kid would wear.. Hahaha go pirates 😏

He'll be warm and stylish in this heather sweatshirt.

Baby Clothing: Baby Boy Clothing: We ♥ Outfits | Gap