Serving Tray made from Peppermints

Literally made from peppermint candies. Just throwin in the freaking oven with a candlestick smooshed in it. AHHHH SO COOL! Peppermint Serving Tray

Layer cheap plastic beads in cake pans (no lining required), melt at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Let cool

Hard Boiled Eggs in Oven at 350°F for 30 min - Super Easy! This was awesome! They came out perfect! I would recommend turning them halfway thru cooking or the egg whites get small brown spots on them.

Peppermint Candy Ornaments peppermint candies metal cookie cutters non-stick cooking spray parchment paper toothpick or skewer twine or ribbon Preheat oven to 350F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Spray the inside of each cookie cutter with cooking spray. Lay cookie cutters on baking sheet and fill with a layer of peppermints. Bake for 5-10 minutes. Keep an eye on candy as it melts, remove from oven when candies have melted together. Lightly coat a toothpick with cooking spray and ...

Cream Cheese Mints | Edible Gift Idea. I will be making these at Christmas time, they look amazing and easy to make! Perfect holiday treat.

Hard Candy plates & bowl. To make arrange candies on parchment paper, bake for 10 minutes @ 350. Cool. To make bowl, let bowl form set for about 2-3 minutes then shape over a glass bowl. Let dry.

Tutorial for interior car cleaning from a detailer.

To boost weight loss - 2L water, 1 medium cucumber, 1 lemon, 10-12 mint leaves. steep overnight in fridge and drink every day. Also great for general detox including clear skin! Neeeeed to make this!

DIY Holiday and Christmas Crafts - Stenciled Serving Tray with Royal Design Studio snowflake stencils - via Just Paint It Blog

Frosty Snowman Pretzels


really good & pretty! Bacon Cheese Christmas Wreath

Festive veggie platter. Use any of your favorite veggies (fruits, too). Just add your favorite vegan dip(s) and you're all set! ⭐️

Make a Fun Presentation - 17 Cheese and Crackers Ideas You're Going to Love ..

Serve guacamole the festive way with pita bread and pretzel sticks

Packaging cookies in paper CD sleeves - must do!

Paper snowflake

Serving eggnog in mason jars this holiday season.

Finally found a cute way to use the round glass vase for my candy bar. Score $2 vase from consignment store which I also seen at least 100 terra coat pots at the last time I was there. Cheap craft!