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bike chain chandelier art

Reclaimed Metal and Bicycle Chandelier - 33 inch height x 22 inch diameter - Facaro, CONNECT 13

Bike Chain Chandeliers : by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

Chandeliers Made from Salvaged Bicycle Parts. Brazilian artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga constructs impressive chandeliers using chains, wheels and other parts from old bicycles as part of a series she calls CONNECT.

Lanturi de bicicleta reciclate si folosite in crearea unor impresionante candelabre

Chandelier made from bike chain, rims and spokes by artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

Chandi - chandelier with bicycle chains to be auctioned off for kids of katmandu

Chandi Lighting

After making Robert's magnetic office board, I have a bunch of short pieces of recycled bicycle chain all clean and shiny and ready for a DIY project.


The Art Of Up-Cycling: Bicycle Art, Innovative And Inspirational Bike Art.

Lamps made from discarded bicycle wheels, chains, etc. made by the fabulous Caro from Facaro. One day, I will own one of these...

Reclaimed Metal and Bicycle Chandelier - 60 inch height x 25 inch diameter - Facaro, CONNECT 18

Двенадцать самых необычных светильников - фото 12

Mexican artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga makes beautiful Victorian-era chandelier sculptures from old bicycle chains and parts.

FACARO - Connect 13 Custom

Multidisciplinary artist, Carolina Fontoura Alzaga, operates under the name Facaro. Creator of the CONNECT series.


Reclaimed Metal and Bicycle Chandelier - 44 inch height x inch diameter - Facaro - CONNECT 2 This artists work is VERY cool.lots of reclaimed and recycled chains and metal.