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from Organic Authority

China's Processed Foods Become More Transparent Thanks to New Registry

The Chinese Food and Drug Administration is about to pull back the curtain on food additives in processed foods.

from Organic Authority

Global Warming Means Food That'll Taste Like Crap

#Global Warming Means #Food That'll Taste Like Crap (And a Lot Less of It) #world #earth

from Organic Authority

Healthy Snacks for Kids Sold with Like Junk Food

Would you like some crazy carrots?! What about some insane organic fruit cups? Junk food marketing techniques for healthy snacks?

from Organic Authority

Ellary's Kitchen: Healthy, Good Food Can be Restaurant Food

Life is so fast-paced these days. And while even the most health conscious citizens would rather cook a scrumptious meal in their own kitchen ever day, they sometimes just don’t have the time. The daily struggle to maintain health and beat the perpetual time crunch is why it’s important for neighborhood restaurants to provide good food and wholesome meals. Luckily, more and more eateries are providing meals with healthy, local ingredients. One such place is Ellary’s Greens, in New York City…

from Organic Authority

McDonald's 'Fast Food' or 'Good Food Served Fast'?

In the day and age of food blogging, it’s quite common for food brands and restaurants to host events. Even McDonald’s.