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Live Profile (all platforms) - It's what we've all been waiting for, a way to talk to our friends in that "BBM" type chat, without being on a Blackberry.  You can see when the person you are chatting with is typing, when your message sends, and when they read your message.  You can even have status updates!  I love the look of the app and the fact that you can also text using your iPad!  Download the Blackberry version from their website,!

Photo Vault/PhotoVault iPhone, Android; Do you have pictures on your phone that are for your eyes only?  You can use Photo Vault to securely store these photos.  Set a passcode for the app as well as a password on each album and there is no way anyone is getting in to see your scandolous photos.

GroupOn/Living Social: iPad, iTouch, iPhone, Android, Blackberry; You have probably heard about these 2 websites.  They email you one deal per day for your area.  The deals are so good you wouldn't think they are legit, but they are.  Today I got an email for a $15 hour long massage!  When you download these 2 apps you can check the deal for your current location or other locations across the country

iMessage Beta :: Start an iMessage conversation on your Mac and continue it on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Coming soon in OS X Mountain Lion. #apple @Amy Cullen LINK:

from The Photojojo Store!

iPad CF Card Readers

iPad CF Card Readers - Upload DSLR photos onto your iPad at lightning speeds ($15.00,