japanese matchbox label by maraid, via #Illustrations #poster| http://illustrations-posters-566.blogspot.com

japanese matchbox label by maraid, via Flickr

vintage Japanese postcard

japanese matchbox label

Vintage Japanese Matchbox Art

La Moka: Italian Inventions Posters. #poster #illustration #graphic #design

From the beam coming out of her eye, I suspect she may have superpowers. Japanese matchbox label, circa 1930s

Japanese Magazine Cover 1946

Poster for Mijinco "Kitten's Homework" art exhibition (2008) - iTohen Books Gallery Coffee, Osaka, Japan

German matchbox label by Shailesh Chavda

Volcano, Japanese print.

Japanese Poster: Self-Defense. Shigeo Fukuda. 1974 | Gurafiku: Japanese Graphic Design

Japan postcards

Bold Typography in Vintage Japanese Newspapers from 1891 - and still inspires a century later!

Vintage japanese postcard.

Russian matchbox label

Japanese match box cover advertisement for a Taxi company, probably made sometime in the Taisho period (1912-1926)

japanese matchbox label

Safety Matches