What break up song got you through your break up? This morning we went through the best! Also had Group Therapy from Greg, he's wondering if he's crazy for dating pregnant woman. What do you think? Heather had the Hollywood Buzz with details on Taylor Swift and One Direction, Adam Levine and Jennifer Love Hewitt; love? Check it all out in the Josh and Heather podcast!

Did you hear about the Petoskey Stone on President Obama's desk? Guess where it came from? More here! Plus could there be a Saved By The Bell reunion?

too funny

mind blown

Every. Single. One

It's true.



Holy moly, that awkward moment when you realize you are old! AHHHHHHHH!


Awwww that poor baby haha

Except my mom…

Omg...I remember wanting one of these outfits so bad!!

How are you going to cheat on Robert!!?!!??!

Now you may speak! A cheeky little mug this one. I need it!

Someone sent this to Josh this morning. They mixed Vic McCarty's old 7 and 4 footage with KHQ's News Man name that tune audio...

This man had Alzheimer's. He didn't remember his children, his home or anything else, but as bad as it got, whenever he saw my grandmother he would say, "Look at my beautiful wife!" This is their 60th wedding anniversary

Did you hear about George Golubovskis? The man who is homeless and running as a “write in” for Traverse City Mayor. Here's a short YouTube video about him...


This kid who wanted a fair reward for his hard work (bacon!). | 22 Kids Who Have Their Priorities Straight