True friendship


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True...and I'm so grateful for all of them, even (and maybe, especially) the ones who are no longer a part of it.

Ha! I knew it! However, if someone doesnt want to hear it, they still get pissed at you when you tell them. Hopefully others dont have my luck, and their friends realize they only said it because the person loves them. Instead of hating you for it for the rest of forever....

everybody has one true friend whether they know it or not

<3 true friends

"I'm not a princess, I don't need saving. ..." Would make a cool looking tattoo

Best Friend Quote: girly-girl-graphics on imgfave. You are my best friend. Thank You

Kindred spirits. I have those girlfriends like this. I've yet to find my best friend, my husband. Is this how I'll know you're the one?


<3 @Kaylin Lopez

True Friendship

true friendship... I would have to say that Even though my Sister isn't here, I know that our friendship will last until I see her again! :) Best Friends 5 ever, because 4 isn't long enough!

Can't wait to see her, love you Kara!

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True Friends

true love

i believe it! So true

Best friends quotes

Sisters- so true about me and Tori!!! She is not only my best friends for life but my sister! Wouldn't trade her for anything!