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awwwwww i just love this little face so much!!

Not that we'll ever see it, but I hope there are corgi pups somewhere in the palace so that Prince George can have pics like this!

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Curiosity ~ it will last an entire lifetime !

Such a cutie! ( looks almost exactly like our Luna)

"Oh boy, I just got adopted by those wonderful people. I'm so happy I can't stop smiling!"

My parents' Yorkie passed away last night. this little dude reminds me of him as a puppy. RIP Casey, you sweet pup.

When it comes to sleeping puppies in baskets, whatever the kind of basket may be, I just can't resist!

Pup ♡... re-pin by ~ affordable custom pet memorials for everyone.

"Wait, did that guy just tell us to organize ourselves alphabetically by height? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!"

SO CUTE. I want one! :) here to find out more