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So true!

Advice to Sink in Slowly: Designers Share Wisdom with First-Year Students in Poster Series

Look What Two Art Students Leave On A Classroom's Chalkboard Every Week. Dangerdust are two anonymous students who create these inspirational quote designs and leave them in a classroom at Columbus College of Art and Design every week.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, dropping science with defiance... because he has no reliance...

Funny pictures about The Good Thing About Science. Oh, and cool pics about The Good Thing About Science. Also, The Good Thing About Science photos.

Keep the Child Alive. Healing the Inner Child with Oprah: http://howtolivehappily.info/blog/2011/02/john-bradshaw-healing-your-inner-child/

My dear, The creative adult is the child who survived. The creative adult is the child who survived after the world tried killing them, making them “grown up”. The creative adult is the child who survived the blandness of schooling, th.


Margaret Atwood: Men are afraid women will laugh at them; women are afraid men will kill them.

Darwin  http://www.sanatblog.com/bilime-ve-bilinc-kaybi/

Darwin http://www.sanatblog.com/bilime-ve-bilinc-kaybi/

Primitives by Kathy 'Wouldn't Life Be Perfect' Box Sign available at #Nordstrom

Wouldn't life be perfect if sweatpants were sexy, Mondays were fun, Junk food didn't make u fat, Girls didn't cause drama, Guys weren't so confusing &goodbyes only meant until tomorrow.