That Moment When a Package Says "Easy Open" and you end up using scissors, a knife, a hammer, a gun and a light saber trying to open it.

Hilarious. I have to smuggle out broken crayons too.

So very true!

Oh so true...

haha so true it's funny.

Wait, did i pin this already? lol


It's just true!!


Foolproof way to tell if they’re inside-out…Unless you're too blind to notice like me.

Why yes, Wal-Mart, I'd love to wait in line for 30 minutes behind a pajama-clad person who lacks deodorant and a bra. It's so nice of you to have 2 whole registers open.

So true!!! SO SO true! lol #laughs #funny #mastersrealestategroup #realestate #sandiego #deorahmannion

Hahaha so true

it's true hahah