Make your own crayons, play doh, baby wipes & more

Paint DIY

Homemade finger paint - only 3 ingredients, washable and edible! I will need it soon!

DIY Homemade bathtub paint.

Homemade Glitter Glue - Perfect for making sparky Valentine's Day crafts! Easy and inexpensive to make using household items! This is one craft recipe to 'save' for sure!

Really neat trick for blowing bubbles and homemade bubble solution...

Homemade kinetic sand- Squishy, mold-able, & lots of fun! Why waste your money on the store bought stuff when you can easily make this recipe at home!

Laughing Kids Learn: Edible Finger Paint


Sparkly gel dough simple and squidgy playdough recipe for sensory play

Homemade wind chimes for the kids to decorate and create themselves. It is from tin cans, so even though I am not sure I like it, it's basically free. !

Homemade silly putty or Flarp. Totally cool and fun for kids! very cool site for kid crafts!!!!!!

Make homemade flubber!

"When all else fails, let them have a bubble bath!" - Homemade Bath Paint, only 2 ingredients!

Play with sponge balls (instead of water balloons) all summmmer long!

Yes!! Melt down crayon pieces and pour into glue stick containers to harden. Big crayons that can be twisted up as they are used. BEST IDEA EVER!! Could use old chapstick tubes too.

Homemade Finger Paints

Home made Playdough