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Eleanor, you were so smart...great quote and I love the font

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Winnie the Pooh I actually want this as a tattoo on my shoulder it is freaking adorable my tattoos all center around Disney or nature or both

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Video Phenomenal

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Met Maya

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Angelou'S Poem

Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou.


Charles Chaplin

Don T Waste

Waste Time





Inspirational Quotes

So true.

Time Wasted

Well Wasted

Aren'T Wasted

Weekend Wasted

Wasted Today

Enjoy Wasted

Moment Wasted

Wasted John


So true!!!

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Photo (The Good Vibe)

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Omg!!! So true!!!

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so true

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Princess Life on



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Very true

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so true

You Re Afraid

Scared Of Loving You

Afraid To Love Again


Nailed It

Move Forward


Life Lifelessons



Ends Kate

Kate Spade Quotes

Playing Dress Up

I'M Playing

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true :-)

Mouth Turn


Frown Upside

Keep Smiling

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very true indeed. Smile.

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very true

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Hurt People Hurt People


Just Go

Just Do It

Love This

Its You

What Have You

Take That

You Never Know

Be The Change

Say You

ZsaZsa Bellagio: Wonderful


Smart Lady

Sexy Smart

Bit Smart

Smart Assy

Smart Women

Smart Girls



eleanor roosevelt.

Lifehackfrom Lifehack

Daily Quote: Strong Women Don’t Play Victim, Don’t Make Themselves Look Pitiful…

Women Deal

Women Don T

Real Women

Women Who Are Mean

Lot Women

Men That Lie

People Are Mean

What Women Want

Grown Women

Some women I know really need to read this...

I M Joking


Totally Me

But Seriously

Absolutely Guilty

Totally Teens

Sarcasm Seriously

Definitely Funny

It'S Stupid

This might be a little true…