crate seats

What to do with recycled puzzle pieces?

Thanks to Pinterest, and with my wonderful husbands help, I have new seats for my students! So excited to use them.

Great organiser idea for small spaces

Milk crate, plywood cut to top, 2" foam and fabric. Can use as ottoman w/ extra storage. Handles for easy moving.

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10 Creative Ways to Reuse Milk Crates

Directions for making cushions for milk crate seats.

A fantastic idea for a listening corner in a music classroom!

Dog Crate Cover- Want it!!

Clever Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas #DIY #Classroom Decorating |

DIY hammock seat

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Our SMART Community: Classroom Storage Crate Seating!

Step by step tutorial for this cute crate bench!! Done in 30 minutes and only cost $20!! :) Cute for a classroom library!!

Cow-print milk crate seats!

Seat crates for the classroom. Storage and a place to sit in one!

Classroom reading bench using zip ties and plastic crates- with directions!

I am so glad I made some Crate Seats for the classroom...I think I will have about 8 when all is said and done!

Seat crates to make- what a great ideas to make a seat AND storage!

Educational Ideas / Seats from milk crates, great idea, could also be a giant headache